20 January 2020



Portland sceneryIn the small town of Portland, exciting things await. An hour’s drive from Warrnambool, it is tucked in a non-hustle and bustle place where you are free to relax and take a break. Unlike carnivals or skyscrapers, Portland depends on its natural wonders to entice visitors and tourists. Portland, a land with more trees and beaches than city buildings has an abundance of native animals, ranging from the famous whales of Portland to all of the birds of prey, beach birds, even seals and kangaroos!
There is a multitude of hikes and walks to give you some exercise while at the same time amazing you with the sights. A few ones that I have gone on are The Enchanted Forest and a trip to see 10-15 seal pups just frolicking in the water. When you see these wonderful little creatures it makes you stop and realise how lucky you are to share these wonders with the people around you.

Portland Great ocean Road Portland Visitor informaiton centre VIC

As well as native animals and beautiful tracks and hikes, the local residents are generally very kind. In Portland, due to all of the beautiful things, there is a lot of photographers. I personally even know a few!
In Portland, you never get bored. In Winter, Southern Right Whales will be travelling up and down Dutton Way, the Harbour, Breakwater, Cape Nelson and Bridge Water Bay. Plus, there are loads of tourist spots, restaurants and places to have lunch.
The information centre offers great information and friendly service. Inside the information centre, there is a nice little cafe with both meals and drinks and a museum to cure curious minds. Portland really is the place to be!

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A young girl from the suburbs of Melbourne, who comes to the South West of Victoria to visit grandparents in Portland every now and then. This piece about Portland was written in school after the winter holidays. Jaime is a nature lover who loves to play hockey and golf, and is really looking forward to starting high school.

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